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iPhone Update

Just a quick update to let you know we’ve added the most popular and most recent views on each iPhone Feedables site.  Just point your little browser to any of your favorite Feedables and check it out.


2012 Feeds

We know, as the date approaches, people will be looking for any type of news around the events of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar – Feedables presents 2012 Feeds.


Women’s Health Feeds

Expanding our Health and Education information – Feedables presents Women’s Health Feeds.


Men’s Health Feeds

In an effort to bring you well rounded information, covering the widest range of topics possible – Feedables presents Men’s Health Feeds.

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For anyone who would like to follow our updates and progress on Twitter, we can be found at


Video Preview!

Just a quick note to highlight a new feature we’ve added.  Currently video preview isn’t supported for all providers, mostly YouTube, Revver and Metacafe… but we’re adding more all the time.

Go ahead and check it out and let us know what you think… go on, don’t be shy :)



Looking good Design Feeds.

Our graphic design friends, at Daniel Rowley Design, have launched Design Feeds. This Feedables implementation will be bringing you news, videos, and images covering a broad swath of design related industry information. If you are ever looking to artfully satisfy your hunger for knowledge, Design Feeds is the place to go. Welcome, .


Feedables welcomes Chautauqua N.Y.

A friend in New York asked if they could develop a Feedables site for their hometown which was known historically for arts, theater and education. If you are ever passing through the upstate New York region, Chautauqua looks like a beautiful place to visit. Welcome, .