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Our Top 12 Apple News (and Some Not News) Feeds

If you love Apple, then you definitely need to add these to your blogroll. Here are 12 feeds we at Feedables think is worth noting. There is no data to support our finding… other than we find them interesting and have added them to ours.

  1. Digg / Apple – This is by far the most interesting site for Apple news. Digg will display the most popular Apple news pulled from around the Internet. If you’re only adding a single feed, pick this one.
  2. Lifehacker Mac OS X – Lifehacker has many available feeds for Apple fans. Mac OS X is the most interesting but you should also check out Mac and Mac Tips.
  3. Apple Insider – One of our favorite rumor website for Apple. They give the ability to allow users to post information for Apple news anonymously. Heck, anyone who is named in a suite against them by Apple, Inc must be good.
  4. Ask MetaFilter Apple News – If you’re a MeFi then you’ll definitely appreciate this one. Want to see Apple questions from one the most popular forums in the web? Then this will definitely scratch that itch.
  5. Arstechnica Apple News – Arstechnica is a place where they treat the technology as the “art” and specialize in original content. We enjoy their wide variety of content but more important… their Apple News. And if you were wondering Ars Technia is Latin for “art of technology.”
  6. TUAW – Or The Unofficial Apple Weblog is another great stop for all your Apple News. They are part of the Weblogs, Inc family who are owned by AOL. They have great list of sites for just about any type of content you’re looking for.
  7. Gizmodo Apple News – Gizmodo is definitely one we couldn’t leave out. They’re known as the gadget guide and we love all the Apple gadgets!
  8. Think Secret – Think Secret is a great resource for only Apple inside news, because let’s face it… we can never have enough inside news. We also heard they also were sued.
  9. Macrumors -is “Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About” if you care about Apple… which we do.
  10. Apple Hot News – No explanation needed, we have to have this one.
  11. Valleywag Apple News – Not the first place we thought to look for Apple news but definitely worth checking out.
  12. The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (The Fake Steve) – We can’t forget about the fake Steve. According to TFS “I love beautiful objects. I love creating them. Negative people upset me.” Oh ya and a another wonderful quote “Dude, I invented the friggin iPod. Have you heard of it?”
  13. OS Feeds Apple News – I know we said Top 12 but this is more of a honorary mention :). If you like the list above and don’t want to add all of them to your feed reader then make sure to check this single page aggregator for Apple news.

This is by no means a definite list, just one we thought was worth sharing. We hoped you liked it. If there are others you feel are worth mentioning make sure to leave a comment.

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Write Up @ Killer Startups

We had a nice surprise today when we saw that Siri over at Killer Startups had a review of OS Feeds. Make sure to go check it out and give us a vote :)

I think Siri brought up some great questions which I’d like to point out.

Isn’t this something you could easily do yourself with your own feed reader? Yes you could definitely do this with your own feedreeder but if you look at how easy we are trying to make it for you to read your news there’s some value to that. Also you can get a view of the most popular links (which you could add to your own feed as well.) Going to our homepage just gives you a quick view of some of the hottest stories for that particular topic. Rather than linking you directly to the outbound source, OSFeeds brings you to another screen with a brief summary, prompting you to click yet again to get to the whole story—a more direct approach would seem to wanting. You’re absolutely right, we will continue to tweak the engine to allow direct links right to the story. So that you can directly go there or click on our view of the story which also includes some other statistics and potentially a cleaner view of the story and other related ones. Also some links don’t even work. Hmmm, not sure about this one. I’d love to know if there are any in particular. The presentation is a little low key, could use some sprucing up. Ya we got this too :), we were actually going for a low key design. Something that’s not offensive and really just serves the content.


Adding New Feeds

Here’s an update for you. OS Feeds has added some additional feeds to both the Apple and Linux Topics. Under Apple we’ve added 4 new feeds

Valleywag: Apple News
Macobserver Apple Weekly Roundup Podcasts
Ask Metafilter: Apple
The Fake Steve Jobs – The Secret Diaries of Steve Jobs

Under Linux we’ve got 3 new feeds

Ask Metafilter: Linux

If you would like to see other feeds added please let us know.


We’ve Got Feeds

Now you can subscribe to our most popular headlines on OS Feeds and Truth Feeds. These are the most viewed articles pulled from across all our topics. You can find the most popular OS Feeds at here and Truth Feeds here.



Welcome To Feedables!

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